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Alamsyah Lukito

The Effect of Hypertension Grade to Cognitive Function in Elderly

Dr.Tajuddin Noor, S.H., M.Hum, SpN

Legal Protection Through Preventive and Repressive Effort for Disntribution of Joint Porperty in Polygamy MarriageKorepondensiLegal Reconstruction of Fiduciary Collection Imposition in Lease Financing Agreements to Realize Just and Legal Leasing Agreements The Comparative Law of Franchise Agreements in Realizing Protection Between PartiesKorespondensi TurnitinTanggung Jawab Direksi Terhadap Kepailitan Perseroan...

Local approaches and ineffectivity in reducing stu...

Local approaches and ineffectivity in reducing stunting in children: A case study of policy in IndonesiaTurnitin Korespondensi

Tambahan Evi Susilawati

Automaed Short Esai Scoring (ASES) Sebuah Solusi Potensial Untuk Model Penilaian Kurikulum Kebencanaan dalam Sistem Pembelajaran Online The Difference in the Learning Achevement in Civic Education by Using Blended Learning Models THE CONTRIBUTION OF THE AUTOMATED SHORT ESSAY SCORING (ASES) ASSESSMENT MODEL IN THE FORMATION OF STUDENTS AKHLAKUL KARIMAH Marketing Communication Model of International School in Post COVID-19...
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