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Jurnal Ibnu Sina, Vol. 25 No. 2, April – Juni 2017, An. Dedy Irawan. Nst “Faktor Determinan Pemeriksaan Ante Natal Care (ANC) pada Ibu Hamil di Puskesmas Medan Johor Tahun 2014”

Jurnal Ibnu Sina,       Vol. 25 No. 2,         April – Juni 2017

Faktor Determinan Pemeriksaan Ante Natal Care (ANC) pada Ibu Hamil di Puskesmas Medan Johor Tahun 2014

Dedy Irawan. Nst


The Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) andmaternal mortality rate in Indonesiais still quite high. Most mother shave unregular prenatal care according the schedule prescribed which by a health worker it  couse no impairing during pregnancy, feeling healty of their pregnancy. The pregnant mother have no pregnancy visiting because the pregnant mother have no problem on their prenancy, delivery and post-partum, it coused that mother of antenatal care have unknow conditionof pregnancy. This studyaims to determine the determinant factor checking the antenatal care of pregnant women in the health center of Medan Johor in 2014. This research is a quantitative survey with cross sectionals study. The population of this study were all pregnant women in Puskesmas Medan Johor, amounting to 2115 people and the sample is 95 people. The metod of data analysis uses univariate, bivariate analysis with chi square test and multivariate analyssis with multiple logistic regression. Result of the study showed higher statistically educationis 69 people (72,6%), knowledgeis 71 people (74,7%) and husband supportis 65 people (68,4%) associated with the examination of the antenatal care in pregnant women in health centers Medan Year 2014 Multiple logistic shoe that education with p value 0,00.

Keyword : examination of the ANC (Antenatal Care), Prenant women

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