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Cek Plagiat : A Practical Education Training Model as A Memorizing Effort to the Rating of Diversity

A Practical Education Training Model as A Memorizing Effort to the Rating of Diversity


Roswita Sitompul, Mrs Alesyanti, Ahmad Fauzi

Corresponding author

Roswita Sitompul


At the time human age has begun to mature, one starts to consolidate the steps that must be taken in the work affairs, fostering the family, and as members of the community. The action will become a lifestyle that will be his trademark in doing things. An early adult usually has a desire to marry and nurture a family beginning at the beginning of adulthood. But the desire to marry is not accompanied by enough preparation for the bride, especially his mental and psychological preparations so that the impact of divorce easily. Divorce data obtained from the Ministry of Religious Affairs, in 2011 recorded as many as 2,118,130 people married and as many as 324,527 people divorces. If averaged in 1 day happened 954 cases of divorce. The high number of divorces also occurred in the Medan city. Within one day, as much as 70% divorce occurred due to wife’s lawsuit against a husband. It is, therefore, necessary to provide an integrated, permanent and sustainable handling of pre-marriage practical training. Pre-marriage useful training materials should be a designed so that the content indicator can fill all the required elements of a couple before stepping into a marriage. Research and development method test this model. Target, in particular, resulted in a practical training model of pre-marriage education program as an effort to minimize high divorce rate in Medan City, which can be used by Ministry of Religious Affairs and Office of Religious Affairs in anticipation of the high divorce rate in Medan city.
Keywords : divorce, pre-marriage practical training, and marriage
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