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JULISA, Volume 8 Number 1, April 2008



 Sri Wulan

Magister Sastra Student

Islamic University of North Sumatra, Medan


This article is a research report on the textual analysis of profile articles in “Hello Magazine”. The analysis is based on the theory of Systemic Functional Grammar pioneered by Halliday (1994) which postulates that in the Textual Function of language clauses are observed as a message, thereby involving their  thematic structures which consist of two elements: Theme and Rheme. This research was conducted by using descriptive design with quantitative approach. The findings show that all types of Theme are used in the four profile articles of “Hello Magazine”, but not all elements of Theme are found in those articles. Then, the most dominant Theme is ideational (Topical), and the element of Theme which is most frequently used is nominal group, whereas Vocative is the only element of theme which is not found in the articles. Thus, it can be concluded that most of the clauses in the articles are declarative in nature.

 Keywords: Textual Function, Thematic Structure, Theme, Rheme

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