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Psychological Factors in Individuals Investment Decisions

Psychological Factors in Individuals Investment Decisions

Hasrita Lubis

Universitas Islam Sumatera Utara


In this study the authors intend to identify psychological factors which could influence the criteria for in vestment decision which are discussed with three dimension (risk, repay, and corporate data). With regard to this aim, the criteria for invesment decission were examinaed trhough defense mechanisms, personality traits, emotional intelligence and finanacial literacy. Defense mecanism and criterion. Lastly, for corporate data criterion, defense, mechanisms, some personality traits and emotional intelligance have been found as important. within this scope, this study can be said to have carried out a preliminary research in its field in terms of explanatory variables.

Keywords : Invesment Decision, Defense Mechanismn, Personality Traits, Emotional Intelligance, Financial Literacy

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