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Jurnal Ibnu Sina Vol. 10 No. 4 November 2012 – Januari 2013 An. Bambang Susanto “Pengaruh Paparan Sinar Matahari Terhadap Timbulnya Melasma pada Wanita Penyapu Jalan di Kota Medan”

Jurnal Ibnu Sina               Vol. 10 No. 4               November 2012 – Januari 2013
Pengaruh Paparan Sinar Matahari Terhadap Timbulnya Melasma pada Wanita Penyapu Jalan di Kota Medan
Bambang Susanto


Melasma (Hyperpigmentation), one of the non-transmited diseases, is a skin diseases caused by working outdoor. Melasma usually occurs on the face and the neck in the forms of dark spots because of hyperpigrncruation. Medically, melasma is a health problem and ii can esthaetically rum the beauty of a women. One of the workers who is at risk of melasma ma women working as street cleaner/sweeper who usually work from 6 a.m. to before noon and the start again from J p.m. to the afternoon. In general, woman street cleaner/sweeper works in the big cities like Medan. The purpose oflhis observational study with cross sectional approach is to examine the relationship between exposed of sunlight and the incidence of melasma in the women  streets/sweeper in Medan. The population of this study is all of the 594 women street cleaners/sweepers spread  111 21 sub-districts in Medan and 86 of them. The result of these study shows that 83, 72% of the women street cleaners/sweepers in Medan are suffering of hyperpigmcntation. The result of Chi-square test rcvcrals that the  age (p-0.125) and years of service (p–0,057) do not have any significant relationship with the incidence of  melasma. but being exposed sunlight (p~,O 16) and using APO (self protecting device) (pr0.000) have a  significant relationship with the incidence o.f melasma. Medan hygiene Board IS suggested to provide the women street cleaners/sweepers with prefer self-protecting device and to socialize ho to use self protecting device.

Keywords : Risk Factor, Incidence of Melasma, Wo111e11 Street Cleaners/Sweep

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